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On January 13th 2009 SkyToll, a.s. signed a contract with the National Motorway Company for the delivery and operation of a Comprehensive Electronic Tolling System in the Slovak Republic.

From January 1st 2010 SkyToll operates one of the most state-of-the-art tolling systems, making SkyToll one of the leaders in the area of electronic toll collection worldwide. The system covers more than 17 700 kilometers of the specified segments of motorways, expressways, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class roads.

The SkyToll electronic tolling solution, based on the GPS–GSM technology, offers maximum flexibility in order to secure future increases in the volume of freight transport and road-network extensions across Slovakia. This project is implemented with the participation of renowned international companies as well as Slovak experts and local companies specialising in IT technologies and intelligent transport systems.

Toll web portal

For the Vehicle Operators that are subject to toll payment and other parties concerned, there is a specialized web portal that offers complex information about the project of the Electronic Tolling System in the Slovak Republic, at which they can find:

  • basic information about the toll liability (overview of the effective legislation of the Slovak Republic and the related implementing regulations in connection with the Electronic Toll Collection Service, the types of vehicles that are subject to the Toll payment, the scope of the Toll Roads, the Toll Rates, information about the On-Board Unit, basic principles of the Electronic Tolling System functioning and so on)
  • information for the Tolling System customers (the glossary of basic terms, the list of customer points with addresses, information about the Customer Service Line, the Toll calculator, and the Bank Guarantee calculator - serves for informative calculations of the Toll and the Bank Guarantee, frequently asked questions and answers in connection with the Electronic Toll).

Customers will be able to find on the Toll portal also the templates of electronic forms of contracts and of other required forms, customer information materials, which facilitate their orientation in the legal Toll obligations, as well as news and announcements of the Tolling System Operator. As of 1 January 2010, special pages with secured access were added to, through which customers are able to access for example their electronic invoice statements and Toll transaction statements. From this date, the Toll web portal provides information along with the Slovak language also in English, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian.

For more information, please visit the website or contact the Customer Service Line +421 2 35 111 111.

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